Legal Eagle Mentorship Institute


One fine morning, over a cup of coffee, two lawyers came up with the idea of starting a mentorship institute which would prepare young students who aspire to crack competitive exams in law. With a vision to promote legal education, the three D's are what they started the whole venture with; Dedication, Determination and Devotion. Legal Eagle is not just an Institute of learning. The founders believe that it is a second home for them, a place to nurture and evolve with all the shortcomings. They hope that the young minds too recognize themselves with it in the same manner. Read More..

Why Us

At Legal Eagle, we believe that every mind is gifted in its own way. All that is required is grooming of these brilliant minds. We don't teach what to study but how to study efficiently so that the desired result can be achieved. There are many coaching institutes preparing students for CLAT and other competitive exams. What makes us unique is the approach we follow. Rather than burdening the students with excessive amount of exercises to do everyday, we encourage them to learn from their practical experiences or hypothetical situations because that is what is judged as legal aptitude in exams. Read More..


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Shivani Verma
(Mentor : Law, English)

Shubham Gautam
(Mentor : Law, GK)

Ashok Tiwari
(Mentor : Mathematics)

Rahul Kumar
(Mentor : Logical Reasoning)

Ankit Kumar
(Faculty : Logical Reasoning)

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