About Us

Who are we?

One fine morning, over a cup of coffee, two lawyers came up with the idea of starting a mentorship institute which would prepare young students who aspire to crack competitive exams in law. With a vision to promote legal education, the three D's are what they started the whole venture with; Dedication, Determination and Devotion. Legal Eagle is not just an Institute of learning. The founders believe that it is a second home for them, a place to nurture and evolve with all the shortcomings. They hope that the young minds too recognize themselves with it in the same manner. The curriculum is not only full of engaging exercises but also interactive sessions where the students can have informal yet educative conversations with their mentors. The classes will be covering all areas of competitive exams for students wanting to pursue law as a legal profession in future. Legal Eagle as an Institute is budding just like the students in this phase of their life where they have to learn plenty. Together they can grow and develop in an informative environment to achieve their goals. There was a time when there were a handful of coaching institutes which focused on law examinations and not many people knew about CLAT. Today, there are hundreds. So, what makes Legal Eagle different? They are not just a bunch of people who are extracting business out of education. They believe that education is in all walks of life. They teach not because they have to, but for the fact that they love to teach and spend time with young and bright minds. Legal Eagle believes in education which gives a path worthwhile, an environment which is open to discussions, and most of all, people whom you can look up to whenever you feel lost when it comes to your career. Because, yes, we all have gone through it at some point of our lives.

Why Us?

At Legal Eagle, we believe that every mind is gifted in its own way. All that is required is grooming of these brilliant minds. We don't teach what to study but how to study efficiently so that the desired result can be achieved. There are many coaching institutes preparing students for CLAT and other competitive exams. What makes us unique is the approach we follow. Rather than burdening the students with excessive amount of exercises to do everyday, we encourage them to learn from their practical experiences or hypothetical situations because that is what is judged as legal aptitude in exams. We are not just aiming to increase the number of students in our Institute. What we aim is to make the lessons interactive and fun filled so that they don't find it monotonous and the quality of the study material, at the same time, is not compromised. We as an Institute, aspire to reach great heights but not at the cost of degrading the quality of education we seek to provide. Therefore, quality and not quantity is our sole motive. Our curriculum is prepared by some of brilliant lawyers already practicing in the courts along with lawyers working in firms and teaching in colleges. This would help the students not only to understand the theoretical aspect of law but the practical aspect as well. We would also be conducting webinars and online lectures by some of the most experienced lawyers active in their fields along with collaborating with other Institutes willing to impart knowledge. We also have amazing faculty for teaching subjects like English, General knowledge, Mathematics and Reasoning, which covers more or less everything in CLAT and similar exams. We can assure, that the students will have an enriching experience not only terms of learning but also in terms of developing their interpersonal skills.